Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Men in Russia have many important roles to fulfill. They bear a lot of responsibility for supporting their families – they are bread winners. They court and spoil their women – they are gift and flower-givers. As I learned from my textbook and from one of the girls from our group who received a bunch of pink roses from a secret admirer, the kind and color of the flowers has a lot of meaning. For example, white roses mean innocence, red roses mean love, and red carnations are a symbol of victory (and are typically presented to veterans on the Veteran’s Day). But flower-giving, romantic as it may be, seems very impractical to me. There is another Russian tradition which is much more to my taste – that of a сумка-bearer ([soomka] = pocket book). Yes - Russian males carry their beloved woman’s pocket book! I spotted them all around the town, especially in areas such as parks or at social events. I still have to figure out whose outfit the сумка's are supposed to match – the female’s or the male’s. What do you say ladies - should we adopt this nice tradition here?

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