Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Бездомные собачки (homeless dogs)

They are everywhere, especially during early morning hours – filthy bundles of dreadlocks stretched out along sidewalks if it’s warm, and curled up if it’s colder. Usually it’s a whole pack – three, four, or five dogs. I’ve also spotted lonely ones, often growled at and chased away by a united group. None of them look starved, though. I was told that beggars and drug addicts share their food with them. Of course it was a great surprise to Katya and her friends when I said that this would not be possible in the US. Even back home, where few dogs are as lucky as ours (many are chained or, at the very best, spend their whole life outside), there are no homeless animals - there is always someone who will give them food and shelter.


  1. Speaking of dogs, Hanza was a great house guest---we had no problems with couches being eaten!

  2. I'm really glad and thank you for helping. I've heard that he is staying with you again this week - please make sure that Alex gives you his diarrhea pills.