Thursday, June 18, 2009

Moscow up close

Natalia and Alexiey picked me up, and after a lengthy discussion decided that the fastest way to get to their apartment would be by train. When we made it to the train station it turned out the train had just left, so the goal now was to catch a bus. And so we did, and Moscow welcomed me with a densely congested road so I could admire the world around me without being rushed.

On Sunday my hosts took me for a stroll around the center. We saw the Red Square, Kremlin, lots of Cerkovs, lots of monuments, and Arbat. It was a typical tour, I think, but so much nicer because of their company – what a great hospitable couple, and with what sense of humor! As I took a chance to display my Russian skills, I managed to say that Pushkin died on Natalia instead of saying that he died for her (he was involved in a duel and sadly was shot to death), as well as to thank my hosts for a boring (скушны) dinner (I intended to say “вкусный,” which means “tasty”). Oh, the joys of second language acquisition!

The two days in Moscow went by really quickly and we are already on the way to Krasnoyarsk. Behind me, a drunken Russian is snoring and spreading vapors of vodka. At least he is sleeping deep enough now so that he stopped kicking my seat. We were just served dinner – a round piece of ground something that reminded salmon (it must have been because it was pink and had bones in it) smothered in cheddar-like cheese. But at least there are no chickens flying around the cabin, and the pretty flight attendants are more cultured and helpful than the male attendants on my Air France flight.


  1. Oh dear, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall (fluent in Russian, of course) to witness you thanking your hosts for the "boring" dinner! What a great story, thanks for sharing!

  2. Yeah, they laughed hard at me. But Pushkin dying on Natalia made them laugh even more :P